Irish Artist, Pauline McCarville currently lives at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains in Ireland. Born into a large family, Pauline recalls that Christmas presents for the first twelve years of her life was typically - a doll, a sketch pad and some paints, so she admits, "I'm not surprised that I ended up with a passion and flair for art."

"My first memory of drawing something significant was when I was at my grandmother’s funeral aged 8, when I noticed a really old tree with hundreds of grooves and seemingly endless branches. This image stayed with me and I was able to sketch the tree from memory exactly how I remembered it. My father was impressed with the detail and it was this early encouragement when I knew I would apply my talent and not take it for granted."

Later at secondary school aged 16, Pauline was given the opportunity by an art teacher to paint a backdrop for a play at the local theatre. "I had to compose a forest scene in just a single night, but I enjoyed this so much that at the time, that I remember I felt a little like Rolf Harris! I managed to get the scene completed and I was very pleased with the final result - as were all involved. This gave me such a lift." Pauline later enjoyed a small stint at the Kildare St. College of Art, but dropped out some time after as she acknowledges now, "I believed my priority at the time was partying and socialising. Silly me!"

In her teenage years Pauline remembers how she largely used oil paints. "I really enjoyed the way I could manipulate a creation with the cut of a blade or the stroke of a brush. I simply loved the vibrancy of the colours, which are so amazing."

Pauline recalls that she gave up painting for a couple of years to concentrate on her own family and her children while they were growing up. "Now I am back enjoying painting more than ever and I like to use both acrylics and oils. I intend to concentrate on completing more oil paintings as I prefer to work with this medium."

"It is wonderful to be able to create and turn a blank canvas into something fantastic. It’s great to be appreciated for my work and I thank God every day that he has given me this artistic ability."

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